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Customer Training Event

On Tuesday 4th December Inverell Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a Customer Service training event at the Library. Our aim in providing this training opportunity was to ensure our customer service is top notch, as the launch of our new “Choose Inverell” campaign will be drawing new customers from surrounding areas. We want to make sure Inverell is memorable as a place to do business, for all the right reasons. The turn-out for this event was fantastic, but don’t dismay if you couldn’t make it to this training opportunity. We hope to offer another training event further into next year. A few key points that resonated with the overall theme of the training centred around the importance of a smile, being open and honest with your customers, sticking to your promises and when you can, don’t hesitate to go above and beyond. It’s the little things that customers remember and the reason they end up coming back.

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